Contacts and cable sizes - MIL circular connectors

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Depending on the cables used and chosen arrangement, your connector will be equipped of one or more contact sizes.

For optimal use of these, following recommendations for permissible cable sizes must be observed.


MIL-DTL-38999 connectors and derivatives:


Note: If you need to use a smaller cable section than recommended, you can use a reducing sleeve which is placed in the crimp barrel of the contact:

  • See our Contacts catalog page 59 for part numbers of reducing ferrules and settings of crimping tools.
  • And a video tutorial :

We can also provide EN3155 contacts with reduced enlarged crimp barrels, see our brochure : EN3155


Powersafe connectors:



2M Micro Miniature connectors :



PT/451 connectors:




  • Sealing between cable and grommet (connector's rear silicone part) is only guaranteed if wire outside diameter is not lower than minimum value given on above tables.
  • Dismounting of crimp contacts is only guaranteed if wire outside diameter is not upper than maximal value given on above tables.

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