Recommandations for the use of fiber optic harnesses

Amphenol Socapex offers various solutions of harness requirements. Depending on the application, the use and integration of connectors within a harness are not the same. 


The different recommendations for use :

Inside The Box

Optical linked inside the box, most of the time between an input/output connector and a transceiver. 

In this application, it is recommended to plug the harness once, it is mainly protected by the box that will help for sealing aspect. 

Inside the box.png


Between Boxes

Link between two boxes, with receptacles on the boxes and plug to plug cordset to interconnect the boxes. The cordset must handle the environment constrains such as sealing, vibrations, tensile strenghts onto the cable that must be integrated in a backshell to secure the fibers. 

In all application types, it is recommended to take into account the bending radius of the cable. In this case, it is possible to disconnect the harness several times, this will not affect the performance of the harness. However, too much connection / disconnection can induce dust from the connectors that could increase optical loss. 


Field Deployable

In case of field applications or for a huge number connection / disconnection, Amphenol Socapex recommends  to use expanded beam solutions (that use lens to increase the signal's size). This will reduce the impact of the dust onto the beam. 

Field deployable harnesses are designed and engineered to last. They are robust, reliable, and suitable for extreme conditions of use. 


Butt Joint

In the case of the butt joint, the two fibre cores are aligned and in the contact, the core have the diameter of a hair. As previous explained, dust can greatly impact the signal transmission. It is recommended that these terminis be cleaned to ensure proper operation of the product. 


We can suggest several cleaning processes for each connectors. 

For an optimal performance, and to reduce the cleaning constrains, the expanded beam technology will increase the size of the beam by several hundreds of times and reduce the impact of the dust.

Fibre Fibre.pngLentillés.png



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