Presentation of a fiber optic harness

Amphenol Socapex offers fiber optic harness interconnection solutions. Amphenol Socapex's expertise in the design and manufacture of optical terminations gives it the depth of experience and understanding to offer customised solutions. 


What is a harness ?

A harness is an interconnection solution based on the integration of Amphenol Socapex connectors. In Fiber Optics, the design of a harness is even more complex. A fiber optic harness is composed of connectors that use optical fiber technologies. 


These packaged solutions must be integrated directly into the customer's existing systems within several constraints. 


Made-to-measure projects !

A new harness is designed following a customer request. It is a system that is designed taking into account environmental constraints (severe environments, sealing, dust, critical temperature), space constraints and optical bending radius (a major difference with electrical systems). 


By taking all these constraints into account, Amphenol Socapex is able to adapt its response through continuons discussion with the customer in order to propose the best solution. 


A fully Amphenol Socapex design !

The fiber optic harnesses are conceived, designed and manufactured in Thyez, France. Each connector making up a harness is manufactured on the Amphenol Socapex premises. It is a French know-how, with robust and durable designs and a worldwide presence. 




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