What is a Stand-off ?

A Stand-off receptacle makes installation easy and durable. 

Stand-off connector.png

What are the characteristics of a Stand-off ?

A Stand-off receptacle is fixed directly to a PCB with 3 or 4 screws. Therefore, mechanical stresses (vibrations, shocks) are applied directly to the body rather than to the soldering of the contacts. This option provides electrical continuity between the box and the PCB. (Stand-off receptacle)


Standard version vs Stand-off version

Standard connector.svgStand-off connector 3d.png


Stand-off receptacles are available in all circular product ranges (38999 and derivatives), 2M (2M Connectors) whether in aluminium, bronze or stainless steel. This option is available for receptacles with PCB contacts. 

Stand-off circulaire.png

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