How to make your shielding

This article details the good practices for the shielding between a connector and the braiding of a cable with micro banding. 

These tapes are standard components and have passed numerous environmental tests including shock and vibration tests. These standards have been approved for military and aerospace applications. 

At Amphenol Socapex we provide two types of backshells :

  • Combine suitable fitting (sold separately) :

Raccord adapté.png

  • Choose a connector with integrated fitting :

Raccord intégré.png


Why provide an integrated solution ?

The integrated fitting is a one-in-one solution that purpose : 

  • Space and weight saving.
  • Time saving during installation.
  • Manage one reference including the connector and the fitting. 

Integral fittings are available in all circular product ranges (38999 and derivatives, 2M, PT/451) in either aluminium, bronze or stainless steel. This option is available for one plug and one socket. 

Raccord TV35 Taille 15 Bronze 02 HD.png


How to make a good shielding ?

Assembly instructions backshells.png

To protect the shielding, it is possible to add a heat-shrinkable sleeve. 

Backshell gaine therme-rétractable.png

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